Winter bites – By @LawrenceESlater

By Lawrence Slater


Winter bites

Rah winter actually sucks. Seriously. It is dark when you struggle to get out of bed and dark on your way home in the evening. Wow. Just thinking about it depresses me.

In previous years when working from the comfort of my own home, I’d hibernate from November to February. I’d see my friends less and sleep way longer. This sounds kind of dumb but I think I am someone who more and more just enjoys the comfort of their own home and with no need to leave the house most days apart from walking my dog I simply wouldn’t.

Last year I managed to miss a large part of winter by visiting family in Australia for a few months. This was perfect! I was on beautiful beaches sunbathing and chilling with kangaroo’s and Kuala bears. Let’s face it, that’s way better than chilling with a snowman. It was so good for me. I think everyone should travel in winter if they can.

Hopefully, one day, I can own a house in the UK and another in the Southern Hemisphere and switch between them to miss out winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in London and I feel blessed to do so. All my family and friends live here and the summers here are actually the best, I wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else.

I have always just find winter hard, I’m someone who is constantly cold. I remember as a kid being substituted from a football match because I was crying due to my feet being numb. My northern, ex-miner, tough as nails dad probably trying to de-associate himself with me on the sideline.   :’-)

A couple of years ago I spent winter in Toronto, Canada. It was sooo snowy! For some reason I could deal with that, I guess it’s like if you go skiing you are so prepared for the cold it is ok. You put on as many layers as possible until you are inside sweating non-stop and have to leave the house. In Toronto, I went ice skating, skrrrrted around with snow tires on the car and played with the dogs in the knee-high snow, it was actually really fun. Maybe I find it hard in England because I’m never really expecting it. The cold and short days hit me every year.

If it snows I think the whole country kinda feels the same. To my amusement, the UK’s cities and roads can never seem to really cope. Even the airports find it hard. Heathrow closes down!

This year I think I have to properly face it like everyone else. I actually have no choice, I have to get to school. Luckily, I love practical clothes. I have removed my north face survival outfits from under my bed and I feel safe wearing two pairs of socks. I have found my snood and got out and lined up my seven pairs of gloves. I’m going to try and look forward to it getting colder, I think it will be good for me.

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