Who would you invite to a dinner party, Come Dine With Me style?






By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


Who would you invite to a dinner party, Come Dine With Me style?



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Taylor Swift, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel – for the banter.



I prefer face to face.



Ricky Gervais – he’s funny, he know how to amuse a crowd and I would really enjoy him and Disney in a racist banter

Walt Disney – He’s rags to riches kind of guy and, because of his views, I think him and Ricky Gervais will clash in an epic way

David Attenborough – to narrate the banter between the two

Stan Lee – admit it, it doesn’t get better than this 😀



I currently don’t have time to go to dinner parties.



Noah (bible)

Samson (bible)

Peter (bible)

Philip (bible)



Willie nelson


Sofia Loren

Mary magdalen



Michael Jackson

Audrey Hepburn

Jeff Goldblum

Nikola Tesla



Larry Levan – For the music
Bill Murray – For the laughs
Ernest Hemingway – For the intellect (a good drinking buddy too)
Scarlett Johansson – For the elegance
Oh, and Ferran Adria in the kitchen



Robert de Niro because is One of my favourite actors, Richard Branson because is my hero, Gianni Agnelli because I want to see what he would say of Fiat nowadays and what he would have changed in his business, Giulio Cesare just because he was the boss.



I’d go for Terry Crews because he is just generally awesome. Nietzsche so I could finally find out what he really meant by half of his theories. I still stand by it that on some occasions I was right and Professor Janaway was wrong. It would be good to know for sure. Bill Gates so I could find out about all the cool stuff he’s up to (and also I assume he’d pay?) And finally, Bruce Springsteen, because you just have to have the boss there, right?



Kerouac, Frazer, John Jessup, Janis Joplin




Mika Dora, Flannery O’Connor, Dave Trott and Ian


1. Joey Barton I constantly talk about football and think there’s nobody more outspoken when it comes to that topic

2. Alan Titchmarsh my mum has asked me to re do the garden for summer and think it would be great to get some advice.

3. Rick Waller I’m very slim and don’t eat very much, I think there will be quite allot of left over food and he might be able to help

4.Mitchell Keegan Really like her sense of style and her accent



Mum, dad, brother and dog. Why? Brownie points that’s why.



John Cleese,

John Jossep,

Anders Anden Matthesen (danish comedian),

Martin Thorborg (danish entrepreneur)



louis armstrong – for laughs.

Salvador dali – to touch his moustache.

Paul Newman – to get lost in his eyes.

Ed Sheeran – so I could poke him in the eye.



Action Bronson, Peter Kay, fat bastard and Jonny Vegas



Wes Anderson, Winston Churchill, Alice Eve and



The Milkybar Kid, The Red Car and the Blue Car from the Milkyway advert, Bertie Bassett



John Lennon – alive.

Leonardo da Vinci – alive.

Shakespeare – alive.

Marilyn Monroe – alive.



David Lynch, Daniels, Jesus Christ, Hitler.


Tom EB:

I would love to meet Robin Williams. He would be madness personified. I would like to ask him about the time he met that monkey and made friends with it.

You gotta have a lady at the table too. Queen latifa would give the table some spice.

Mr T. As long as he stayed in character the whole time. Same goes for mr bean.

And my Grandad. He died when I was 4 and I would love to get to know him a bit



Jean Baptiste Maunier because he’s the most beautiful person in the world.

The Queen

Robin Williams, he’d have to be in Mrs Doubtfire costume though.

Prince Harry



Anna Wintour, J.K Rowling, Joss Wheadon, David Lynch. The crazy conversation would compensate for any cock ups



Hitchcock, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker or Clyde Chestnut, the Dalai Lama and Amélie Nothomb.

Who knows how this dinner would finish.


Tom M:

Bill Hicks – Dead Bill Hicks could teach me a few things about hard work, and about comedy. For me, Hicks embodies both nihilistic hedonism an acute awareness of the world. I’d be honoured to break bread with him.


Paris Lees – A fantastic writer and hilarious woman who’s very much alive and could fill in the dead guys on what the fuck is going on in the 21st century. Plus I totally fancy her and would use this dinner to do some shameless flirting.


Mike Skinner –  A complete genius. No one for me can talk about the world we live in as humanly as Skinner. Hilarious in his dead-pan delivery too. If I could write an ad half as well as he can write a song, I’d be happy.


Lucian Freud – If I could get him drunk and persuade him to give me one of his paintings, I’d die happy. Freud would give the dinner party and air of sophistication. Every party needs an arty type.




Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Katy Perry. I want to see Nazi leaders singing Katy Perry songs.



Oscar Wilde,

Prince Harry,

Leonardo di Caprio

Michael McIntyre



Michelle Roux, because i’ll get him to do the cooking. The Queen, just to give her a laugh and the evening off duty. Amy Winehouse (before she lost her shit), to serenade me after the pudding course. Lee Mack, just for the laughs. Stephen Fry, for his witty repartee.



Ann Coulter,

Michelle Bachmann,

So that way american politicians will be called to account for saying they do the things they do in the name of Jesus.


Alex M:

Dead Britney Spears x 4



Mahomet, Jesus, Moïse, the 1st Buddha. Just to fix the same universal peace message.



-Frida- I want to eat Mexican delicacies, wear flowers in my hair, sport a unibrow and paint with her.

-Baloo from jungle book- so we can munch banana split and have a boogie in the jungle together. (And to rub my rear on a giant rock).

-Cleopatra- Because you sound badass. I want to have a dinner party on a boat sailing down the nile eating grapes and getting fanned by little Romans.

Willy Wonka- Because you seem brilliantly insane and we could have a chocolate covered roast dinner for main and an everlasting gobstopper for pudding.



A lot of Guinness and red wine would be drunk. Woody would be sober in the corner providing the entertainment.



Marion Cotillard – for a number of reasons. Peter Cook – to keep things mildly mannered. Dudley Moore – to keep things mildly mannered. Ryan Gosling – mancrush.

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