Why Are You Here???

“Why are you here if you already work in advertising?”

It’s the question a few classmates have asked. It’s a variation of the many questions my colleagues ask. It’s similar to what Marc asked me on selection day. It is the question I have had to ask myself again.

The thing about the mind is that when you’ve had something for a while, you begin to forget how bad you initially wanted it. Since 2016, when I learned that Ad Schools existed, it’s been my dream to attend a great one. Every single person I met who had gone to one, seemed to have their brains wired entirely differently.

I definitely wanted that. I wanted to see how I could apply the weird musical.lys I created to the real world. (yes, I’m one of the original musers. LOL). I wanted to see how the million and one interests I had could be pushed to the extremes. I wanted it so bad, I absolutely refused to go back to university to earn my masters degree. I took my first job in advertising knowing I’d be back in Ad School soon enough to help me sharpen my skills. And then came selection day. To be honest, I almost chickened out because I felt like I wasn’t creative enough to answer the brief. But I went through it and now I’m here, 6 years after my dream was born, to get my brain rewired.

In three simple phrases, I’m here to be bad, learn and learn some more.

  1. Here to make mistakes: it’s okay to not be perfect. The work quality doesn’t have to be industry standard, right now. Yesterday, we made silent movies in teams and although I was sure we were a little off the brief, I had to tell myself, “If we perish, we perish. The point is to be creative, bloody. Be that!” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in absolute recklessness; I just recognise that my carefulness sometimes holds me back.
  2. Here to learn: Really, what do I know? I’m like that guy who figured out how to drive by reading two books and jumping into a car. Even though he might not have killed anyone (yet), he has to go back to school to know what he doesn’t know. And for me, that’s Ad School. I think I know, but I’m sure I don’t know. And the most effective learning method for me is being in classes with others.
  3. Ain’t no harm in relearning: I’m very much self taught. From software, to design thinking, to (questionable) conceptual thinking and an interesting grasp on craft, I’ve never really had a mentor. Just the trusted Youtube and a few people whose works I stalk and try to recreate. In just a little over a week though, I’ve picked nuggets from our mentors. I can’t deny it, I’m loving it. So to answer the initial question and its many variations, I’m here to grow. And if I question my decision again, I’ll come back and read this.


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