Why comedy school is worth it @dinglebobs

By Ben Conway

I only saw a few people raise their hand in Town Hall today showing interest in Comedy School and if anyone in the void is listening (hello there!) then these are some reasons I have put together…


Public speaking. It’s a fairly obvious one, but getting up in front of your peers is tough enough, let alone thinking about an audience. The mutual respect we had for each other week after week was great. It’s a process, so we began with just sharing embarrassing stories then progressed into writing out ‘funnies’ and then highlighting specific words that would garner the laughs. There isn’t any ‘throwing’ straight into the deep end. Think more dipping your toes in slowly.


The blur and crossover between comedy and communication are so close; we basically pitch ideas and hope to get instant responses like our work each week – so if you are doing this for ‘work’ over pleasure then get into it. Having the cahoonies to just get up and be honest was something we all got to in the end, but everything is a process. That part definitely was.


Iteration. Making, scrapping, rewriting, rewording. For every new class, we would all come back with new content, sharing ideas and finding what we preferred to talk about in our comedy. Some people liked to be personal, some people took more time – but you just learn from each other and understand how everyone’s style suits them. There isn’t a one-size fits all gig.


There aren’t any rules. If you want to go for the classes go for the classes – some people didn’t want to go for the final showcase because of the sheer numbers or that it was an intimidating prospect, so just see how it goes. Personally, I think everyone smashed it and so would have the people who pulled out, so don’t be put off by knowing what the end goal is. The end goal is what you take from the experience.


Finding you. The cheese factor has hit sell by, eat by, never should have purchased by – top scale. I think this is such a good way of understanding who you are. This is repeating from the iteration bit, but if it’s throwing celery sticks into crowds, vegans, your wife’s robot hoover, foster carers, middle-class privilege and the long, long, long list of sex-related stories which we all shared (why are we so open about that?) – you can see where you want to go with your life.


We have all been told it’s good to have an idea of where we want to go, so if you are lost, use this as a marker to pinpoint exactly what you want to get out of SCA. It certainly has for me.

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