Why have people stopped gardening? By @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


Why have people stopped gardening?

Since the start of the year, there have been a few mentors who have come into school and spoke about a graphic design book—A smile in the mind. 
It was brought up again this week by Chomoi who shared his work with us. I am yet to read this book, but I really love the name. Although I can safely assume ‘A smile in the mind’ is referring to design, it reminds me of the times when you want to laugh but you’re in a situation where you’re not supposed to. 
(Oh they’re funny times.)
But even more, I like that it suggests even the most unhappiest looking people could be smiling inside.
When I was thinking about this the other day, I could feel a light come on inside my head. I have a feeling this is the kind of work I want to create.. work that truly empathises with people and makes their frown turn upside down even if it’s just their mental one. I’m not sure if this approach has the ability to sell things, but I like it.
There’s been a lot of excitement/ stress in the air for D&AD, and while my mind has been full of things that I need to do, I’ve been trying to take breaks by going on some walks (street wisdom to you and me).
On Friday, while walking home, I was wondering why people have stopped gardening.. 
Is it too expensive?
Does it take too much time?
Are people less likely to care as they might die?
Will a selfie of themselves planting bulbs get them far in life?
Would they rather watch their followers grow?
I come from a family of avid gardeners and I have a real appreciation of plants.. but I have to be honest, it never enters my mind or appears on my to do lists as a way of relaxing.
I was looking at research that says gardening and even just the presence plants reduces stress, leads to more productivity and increases happiness. I wonder why they aren’t sold this way?
As Marc says, your environment effects your work and this suggests your environment can effect you. 
I’d really like to do something creative with plants, but while that idea is brewing, anyone who would like to become part of the gardening group for the grounds of The Brix, there’s a poster on the stairs 🙂

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