Why I hate book scores – By @laurenbodiam

Why I hate book scores 

Working in my book and getting feedback was the main reason I came back to SCA during this time. It was guaranteed feedback every two weeks. And got to use mentors to test out campaigns. 

I found a sense of thrill crafting new campaigns. Going back and improving old campaigns. I was really optimistic about book scores this time around. I thought book scores would give me a dopamine hit. Some gratification or proof that I was good enough. I am an alumni. A year ahead of everyone in Krak. I would find myself near the top. My craft would be better. I would for sure get a better score than last year. None of the above were true. I had the same sinking feeling I felt the previous year. I could feel myself feeling stressed and anxious. My excitement for book scores has now turned in to dread. 

Coming out of SCA I learned that book scores mean nothing in the real world. The two teams that topped book scores didn’t get into cream last year. So why do I care? I’m honestly not sure. 

What I do know is that coming out of SCA I have found myself less stressed and more inspired to create new work. I’m finding it easier to come up with ideas and I’m able to balance out getting everything done and having time to relax. I want that to continue. In reflections today I said that my health comes first and I stand by that. I don’t find book scores fun. I find making work fun. So I will make work. Hand in my book. Speak to mentors and act on feedback. 

The only thing I won’t be doing is looking at my scores. Comparing myself to others. Feeling bad about myself. Stressing out that I’m not good enough. 

At the end of the day, these are things don’t make work fun. 

Marc once said this in an email to me. 

worry about how you are going to make your partner shit herself with laughter. Worry about the trouble you might get into with your work. Worry about getting me into trouble. 

In other words, forget about something as stupid as inconsequential as an arbitrary date, and worry about the only thing that matter……. having fun with your work. 

When you learn to do that, you will become immortal. You will become legends. They will name perfumes after you, sing your names in stadiums, erect statues that look slightly prettier than you, but that pass a fair enough resemblance of you. 

Hard to believe isn’t it? 

You already know how to do the work, but your mind-state either takes you towards making work that pops, or towards making work that’s flat. 

For some people book scores are great. 

But it’s just not for me. 

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