Why I love LeoReader.

I thought I’d impart some practical information to my fellow students. I’d like to tell y’all about LeoReader. I’ve brought this up with many students in conversation but no one seems to have been aware of or used this innovative resource.

I found out about it from Marc before the start of the year as a useful tool to get through one of our key texts. What is it? It’s a dyslexia friendly e-reader developed by key design industry figures that aims to make consuming texts easier for creative/design industry students like us. It is completely free and is without a doubt the best E-Reader I have ever used. 

The only downside is that the library currently is still woefully small. Hopefully we will see more titles available on the platform, but the few titles they have have been curated expertly.

“How To Do Better Creative Work” by Steve Harrison was my introduction to Leo’s unique features. Not only can the user read along with highlighted text, the customisable features are unparalleled to any e-reader I have used.  Colour/font/size can be altered to your personal preference.

But where Leo really shines is through it audio/visual element. The books are read by industry professionals and before each chapter there is an optional summary you can listen to, which really helped me to grasp the overarching themes of the book without getting bogged down in the minutiae of details. By simply clicking on a paragraph you prompt the e-reader to start from the beginning of your chosen paragraph. But the real piece-de-resistance is the video feature.

The book is not only read to you in audio but there is the option of opening a small screen in the corner of your window where you can see the reader themselves via YouTube link. As someone who has ADHD I personally have struggled focussing on long texts. I often start a paragraph and have to re-read it several times while the words disassociate from meaning. I’ve encountered similar problems with my focus on audio-books, I may start the chapter focused and reading along but after ten minutes I find my mind elsewhere as my eyes glaze across the page.

Even though it is just a talking head in the corner of your screen it really was the key to maintaining my focus – especially when combined with the other spectacular features. I cannot recommend using LeoReader enough to those with Dyslexia, ADHD and Normies alike. Try it out with the Steve Harrison Book, it’s on our list and a quick, engaging read. And hopefully we will see more titles added soon. Once again here is the link to LeoReader anyone interested:

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