Just Popping in to Say Hi… @MadStandish

By Maddy Standish



Just Popping in to Say Hi…


Hi everyone,


I’ve got another SCAB due and, unfortunately, I don’t really have anything new to reflect on. We’ve just come back from half-term so I’ve only got one day of school to talk about. It was alright, actually. Pretty good. Thanks for (not) asking. I feel like I got quite a lot of bits done – which is usually a fleeting feeling, as it will be piling back up again as I write this.


So, yeah. Um, suppose I will reflect on my week off.


We had our stand-up comedy showcase. The one I was completely dreading. Got myself together, made some tweaks, memorised my set, had a couple pints and I was ready to go. I wouldn’t usually advocate drinking to calm nerves as I think it’s a slightly slippery slope. However, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to get up there without the Dutch courage.


It went really well! Hooray!


I forgot a huge chunk in the middle that contained some absolute belters, but I didn’t stumble on stage, forget my name or sweat through my clothes. I consider that a success.


Overall the week was good. Very good. Thoroughly enjoyable and possibly slightly too short. I spent most of it firmly rooted on my sofa and didn’t go out once. Well, I went to Sainsbury’s, for food and cigarettes, and the dry cleaners but I didn’t go out out. Didn’t miss it either. My Netflix account had been neglected and I even bought myself an old Nintendo DS on eBay and took care of the Nintendogs I had when I was 11. I was a pure kid on their holidays.


Sleeping was incredible. 10/10 would do again in a heartbeat. Lie-ins, sofa naps and blankets. Totally dreamy and it felt good to get back into my passion project. Despite the sleep, I was alarmingly productive at the same time. Not, like, filling all of my time with really valuable activities, but alarmingly productive for me on a holiday.


There was some legitimate paying work that got completed, tonnes of laundry was laundered, kitchen cleaned, bed made every morning, hoovering done. It was lush.


Then I got onto researching D&AD as well – all by myself, might I add. This is pretty mega as I hate doing anything by myself. I made fancy presentations of my research. What a nerd, right? I also met up with all three of my partners to do our scamping and work. The only friends I saw all week were the friends I had to scamp with. But, again, it felt good. Got shit done. Didn’t start the new half of term on a bum note.


Yeah, I dunno. It’s nice to be back. The time off was much needed and I felt a bit ropey towards the end of last term. A bit stressy. A bit teary. I’m feeling well-rested and I’m back with all my pals. Time to get back to brief-ness.




The copy scores 80.8 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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