Snowblind – By @charlesfare

By Charles Olafare




Every so often I’ll get a random set of words or phrases stuck in my head. They ring in my ears like radio jingles and can only be be silenced by mumbling them under my breath or shoving them awkwardly in to conversation.


If you ever see me skulking around muttering dumb words like “tutelage” or “I LOVE GOLD” into my chest, please know that I’m not mad. I’m just trying to exorcise a verbal demon.


This week the word lurking in my larynx was “snow blind”. I think it’s what happens when you’re travelling through a some snow topped trail and can’t make out what lies in the distance ahead of you from what’s placed right in front of you.


You’d have to look it up to be sure though. I have a habit of using words I don’t actually understand.


Anyway. I think this word has been swimming in my head because that’s exactly what I’ve been over the period of D&Ad. I got so jazzed up by having a good idea that I couldn’t foresee the mountain of work that would go into making it great and selling it well.


To make a long, stressed out story short, I’ve learned this week that I need to have my eye on the bigger picture if I’m going to succeed here. But it’s lesson that’s painful to learn.


SCA is Fun, Okay?


Right. This is going to sound ironic given what I’ve just written. But I’ve had this horrid nagging feeling recently. It’s to do with interview days and the questions applicants ask in the Q&As.


Naturally, we get a lot of the same questions. Never dark enough, of course. But similar all the same:


“What’s Marc like?” Mad as all hell, but surprisingly alright once you get used to his ways.


“Are you art or copy?” Sometimes it doesn’t matter. Others it’s the difference between life and death.


“Do you get imposter syndrome?” I would pay good money, hand over fist, to never ever hear those words again.


“Do you have any side hustles?” Please see above.


Once those questions are out of the way, we get a few slightly more deep ones. There’s too many to list, but they all amount to “We’ve been reading your SCABs. Are you all okay?”


It’s understandable, really. Creatives are by nature a sensitive bunch. At its worst, SCA can feel like a non-stop trial by fire. And these can blogs give us all a much needed space to vent.


That all said, I do hope that prospective students reading this blog know and understand one thing. Above all, SCA is actually really, really fucking fun.


Challenging as all hell, but fucking fun. We spend all day trying to be creative, in preparation for potentially spending our whole working lives trying to be creative…for money.


It’s a pretty sweet deal really, so don’t let mopey posts like mine put you off coming.


Now, time to lie down in a dark room for a bit and cry about my D&Ad brief.



The copy scores 81.9 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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