BIMA isn’t worth the money – By @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers


BIMA isn’t worth the money

In the beginning of every week in Town Hall, they set our reflection subject for Friday. This week it was about setting yourself goals, discussing them with your partner and showing how you ‘fulfilled’ them during the week in a one slide reflection on Friday. When the D&AD nominations got out and we heard we didn’t get nominated for our Burger King cremation, we decided to focus on another award show called BIMA, But BIMA isn’t worth the money.

Our school received an email from them last week encouraging the students to enter it. That became one of my goals for this week; getting our idea right, getting our script right (although we had some issues with people on Fiverr who refused to do the voice over based on not wanting to be linked back to our idea, which says a lot about how offensive it is) and getting feedback from mentors to eventually make the case study video ready in a few days to enter BIMA student awards.

We were disappointed and slightly confused to hear that BIMA cancelled its student award scheme after doing it for years (and SCA entering work for it) and if we would want to enter our idea, which is just a concept and hasn’t been done in the real world, it would compete against case study videos of agencies with a budget of millions while paying an entry fee of £600. I hope there is a valid reason why they cancelled it, but to me it seems that their awards scheme isn’t moving with the times, its falling behind them.

Of course the school is not paying that amount of money. And I’m glad they’re not giving in. Like Marc mentioned on Twitter, I would rather see that money go to scholarships and SCA’s curriculum than to an award show that probably already gets enough funding through the fees they charge regular agencies and doesn’t need the funding of advertising schools.

I’ve been thinking about starting a fake BIMA award show for students just to piss them off and to get them to reconsider it. Ben advised the name ATMN: Awards That Mean Nothing. Would be fun to create a system where there is no favoritism, no judgement, and has as much coverage as the big award shows. Made by students for students. The last sentence sounds lame.

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