Beef vs Frog – By @charlenethblt

By Charlène Thibault


Beef vs Frog

I am shocked! Today I learnt that London is fifteen times bigger than Paris, but there is only four times more people, it explain why Paris is always so busy! 21 000 persons per km2, one of the busiest city in Europe. Though, 100 000 persons arrive in London each years. It also explain why accommodations are so expensive in London, the second more expensive in the world after Hong Kong. 

After that, I began to compare differences between France and England, and there is a lot. 

First people are more sympathetic and friendly in England than in France, if you are lost for example, there is always someone to help you. In France you will have to ask to 10 persons before one of them finally stop and listen to you, if you are foreign that is even more sucks. 

Another thing I think is amazing in London is to be able to pay undergrounds and transports straight with your credit card, so easier when you just arrive in town. 

I also feel that it is easier to express my feelings in English, I don’t know how to explain that but there are things I can tell in English I would never tell in French. Weird but true. 

I have been in London for two months now and I really enjoy it but I have to say that France also have some good points. One thing you can’t disagree with is that French food is the most tasty in the world. I feel like British are happy with peanut butter on their bread for lunch, but no way. 

One more thing I struggle to understand. I do understand British drive on the left side of the road, it seems even more logical than driving on the right actually. Why do they walk on the right then? I am confused. Moreover there is not enough pedestrians crossing, it is a real challenge to get to school every morning  without being ran over by a car. However, why so many bus stops? there is one every 100 meters, for a ride of 30 minutes, every morning, the bus stops at 27 stops, it’s too much, what a waste of time.

Let’s have a look on my fist day here : I got to school after I survived to the crazy traffic, then I took the big SCA door right in my face after someone just dropped it on me. Anyway, my phone was flat, I putted it on charge but after one hour without more batterie I realized UK got switches, I felt stupid. Back home at 6pm, I get in front of the TV to relax, unfortunately I had no other choices than stupid reality TV show. 

The first week in London have been quite difficult but I got used to all those differences between those two great countries. So used to that I now appreciate all the things I used to hate. London got me, and I am now looking forward to stay longer.

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