Why Reheem Sterling is a professional footballer – By @MadDavison

Mark Davison

By Mark Davison

Why Reheem Sterling is a professional footballer


My friend Alfie had always been great at football, and had been playing since he was young, as most guys our age did. But the difference between the rest of us and Alfie was that he really was good. His first touch was deft, his passing pin-point, and his vision sometimes scarily prophetic.  So Alfie practiced, he trained he played more football, and eventually he was invited to trial day at a premier league club. 


 On that trail day Alfie met a guy his age, named Raheem Sterling. For those of you reading this who don’t know Raheem was bought by a new club last year, for £44 million. Raheem was fantastic, he blew every other trialist out the water that day. So during a break in training Alfie went to talk to him, to find out what it was that made him so much better than everyone else.


Alfie quickly realised that there was a big difference between the two of them. When Raheem spoke, he talked about football, when he dreamed, he dreamed about football, and when he wasn’t playing football, he was thinking about playing. For him, there was nothing else, no back up plan. He was going to be a professional footballer, or he wasn’t going to be anything. Alfie was different. He was doing well in school. He was interested in politics, and international development, and working with animals. He was thinking that he might like to go to uni. He if wasn’t able to be a pro footballer, then he could do something else. Alfie didn’t want it as much, but he never could have. For him if it didn’t work out there were other options, for Raheem, it was the only option, and so it was what he spent all his energy doing.


I think if we looked at the success stories of many other people in business we would find a resemblance between them and Raheem’s story.  Sometimes the option of failure, the thought that if it doesn’t work at least we can do something else, means that we don’t apply ourselves 100% to reaching our targets.


Not all of us have that single-minded desire. Most of us at SCA have other skills or experience that we could fall back. That’s why goal setting is so important. Goals give us a clear aim. They give us something to shoot for, something to focus all our energy towards. They might not be able to create the drive that a lack of a plan B can, but they do allow us to focus on what is important, and help us to priorities what we need to do to reach where we want to go.

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