Why you should make a deal with the devil, by @Elinjarlstrom

Elin Jarlstrom

By Elin Jarlstrom



Why you should make a deal with the devil


I’ve always been determined. 

I’ve set my goals high.

Sometimes they’ve turned out to be more spontaneous than planned. 

But it’s never been a bad thing. 

I used to love to be spontaneous. 

When I decided to apply to SCA, I lived in France. The reason why I went there in the first place, and the reason why I quit both my jobs, was all because of that. 


For my interview day, just about a year ago now, I had practiced my 4 minute presentation for weeks.

On the day, I woke up at 6am for a one hour toilet visit. 

I was nervous, but feeling great. 



Today, it’s less than 1.5 weeks till portfolio day Nr 1,  

and less than 2.5 weeks till portfolio day Nr 2. 

My body has been telling me for a long time now, that there’s no longer time to be spontaneous.

No time to do the things I used to love. They’ve been put on hold because there’s just too many things to do. 

I guess that’s why the devil decided to step in. 

Clearly, I haven’t been doing it right. 

Cleary, what you love, what you do and who your are outside of school will determine the faith of your work. 

It’s reflecting. All of it. 

So now, to bring back my passion, courage and spontaneity,

I’m gambling with the devil. 

Because even though it sometimes can be hard to see,

He’s one of the good guys. 

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