WontEndAnytimeSoon – By @Norwarican

Alex Overland

By Alex Overland




Five weeks people. Until Portfolio Day. Not till it’s over, obviously. Oh no. Like with everything else, SCA will probably not end the way other schools end: with one big bang and a calm after. I imagine more of a moderate bang, muffled by all the banging around it: offers all over the place, more hard work and scrutiny, then Cream. I’ve got lots of what if’s about the aftermath of Portfolio Day, how it’ll affect the work coming after it, and our first steps into Adland proper.

It’s almost over! Or is it just about to start? The more I think about it it gets clear that SCA is only the beginning. We might start out with placements till the end of the year. Or we might not, and have to keep polishing the book till we earn some.

Success breeds success: will we be polishing our book to send to Cream with the confidence that comes from being validated by Portfolio Day placement offers, or will we be trying to prove something, still fighting? No idea.

At this point it looks all there is to do is keep pushing (so tired of that phrase), and hope that we can twist the throttle hard enough to come crashing into Portfolio Day (in a good way).

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