Yes, and…. By @Beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


Yes, and….


Following the theme of trying to keep up with passion projects…I picked up the guitar 

again after a year and a half of not playing it tonight.

I wanted to try and get some of the things that have stuck with me in the last few weeks into some sort of order…and the yes and technique proved to be a great framework for this!

There are lots of talented musicians in our class and I am certainly not up there in terms of musical talent – I just enjoy the freedom of expression that music brings and this is definitely not a perfect song by any means… but I wrote it to push myself outside of my comfort zone and not let the fear of looking like a bit of a wally stop me from creating something. 

What with all the briefs floating around at the moment it was nice to just take a break and make something for fun! 

Hopefully it will raise a a bit of a smile and make other people feel less nervous about giving stuff a go!

Yes and…


This is just an A to Z
About life in SCA
It breaks down to a simple game

A two word refrain

“yes and…”

It’s that easy…

So lets start with the Agencies

Their stacks of Awards that mean you can’t see
Yes and…

Break the rules
Don’t forget to Control the Chimp
And Collect some dots at every moment
Yes and…
Destroy the enemy.
And Eat good stuff everyday
Embrace the opportunities
Yes and…
Face your Fears
Get ready for the Guitar serenades
And Group work everyday
Yes and…
Have courage
Have courage in your Ideas
Or just Improvise until it’s clear
Yes and…
Joke about Killing your babies,
Laugh, Listen and fail
Yes and…
That’s okay.
Marc might drive you crazy
Mentors and mindfulness
will save you
Yes and…
Never quit, work hard and don’t give up,
Open you mind to all this stuff,
yes and…
Nurture your Personas and
stay interesting with Passion Projects in swing
yes and…
Question everything.
Like why we have to do Reflection slides?
Or write SCABS sometimes?
yes and…
buy a pair of patterned Trousers and
Undo what you think you knew before
cause theres bound to be a twist in store
Yes and…
Video everything.
Unless you have a Windows phone,

Then you’re on your own.

Yes and…

Remember we sell or we die

Excel at everything you try

Yes and…

don’t forget to catch some


Yes and…

don’t forget to catch some


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