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Arguably one of the hardest things at SCA is the number of opinions you will receive.  On the industry, on life and on your ideas.  We have been given plenty of advice on how to deal with these opinions, from spreadsheets to ear defenders and everything in-between.  But I find it odd.  We have all been picked (I should imagine) as we are able to form opinions.  Strong opinions.  Yet for the first time in god knows how long I have found myself unable to trust my instincts. 
My partner and I form an idea, shape it, mould it then search out some feedback.  It’s promptly shot down by one but praised by another.  Both parties equally respected in their roles.  We are left floundering, not knowing where to turn, head in hands, stressing out, wondering what to do.  I decide my breakfast, what I wear, what music I listen to, yet when it comes to work I can’t think for myself.  And that’s just plain stupid.  I’ll end up with work that isn’t mine and work that is average at best, trying to please all camps and not piss anyone off.  Vanilla advertising anyone?  I want to piss people off, I’ve spent my whole life doing it so why stop now.  Even if the work is naff at least it will represent my thoughts, opinions and personality.  Yes seek guidance, listen and learn but don’t forget what it is you stand for.  
I’d compare it to what DJ’s or musicians do.  They have to play to the crowd but they also have to indulge themselves, otherwise why do it.  They won’t take requests or be told what to play for risk of selling out.  But they will listen to feedback, see how things go down, adjust, reframe, switch things up or down as required.  And framing in this way has helped me understand why at SCA there seems to be a focus on getting us to judge our work ourselves.  Feedback is offered but its not a case of this is right, this is wrong, do it like this.  And I’ve found that very frustrating.  But the learning I’ve taken is to stand for something, follow your gut, keep the crowd happy but whatever you do, don’t sell out. 
If you want answers go to University.  If you want to find your answer, I’ll see down The Markethouse. 
ps.  In other news, as all the avid readers of my SCAB’s will know, the shower is not my happy place.  It is not the place where ideas flow as fast as the fresh east end water, the place where all my worries are washed away and replacement with a feeling of ecstasy.  It doesn’t matter how many time I hear the cliche, the shower just doesn’t work for me.
So I have a major update.  I have found my happy place.  It was a few weeks back now that I realised it.  Initially I thought it was the toilet.  This still remains a very happy place for me.  But my happiest place is on my bike.  When my life is arguably in the utmost danger, cycling in the dark and wet through London, I am at my most relaxed. Therefore maybe it stands to argue that in fact showering is more dangerous to me, and cycling isn’t dangerous at all.  And as it happens according to research from a very clever source, the bathroom is one of the dangerous places in the house.  Over 60% all bathroom accidents occur in the shower/bath tub.  The bathroom injury rate for women is 72 percent higher than for men and getting in and out is the most dangerous time.  Now try and find an idea in the shower, suckers.
pps.  My flatmate just revealed she hasn’t had breakfast in 26 years.  I shall investigate and report back shortly.

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