Your partner’s feelings – By @LeonoreLeitner

By Leonore Leitner


Your partner’s feelings


It’s a Friday night and as usual we’re sitting in the pub. The last weeks, just like every part of SCA, have been a rollercoaster. Ups and downs, loads of insecurities, improvement or the opposite about working with someone.
This Friday it’s not only to highlight an unexpected new partner mash up; I wanted to take this SCAB and ask all people that are still here, how they feel about their partner and working with them.

As there are only about 10 people left in the pub, it’s not gonna include everyone, but maybe you’re gonna find your partners words in it:

You’re talented, and you’re the last person to say it. Even though you walk past your own work as you grab a greasy burger. We didn’t think we’d be together, but here we are. We’ll strive for more, always.

Working with someone you get on with makes so much difference. I can’t believe how much working with the right person has changed my experience completely at the school. Being sure about who you are and what you do has made me a better creative.

I love myself. I am great I don’t need anyone else. I am my favourite dining companion, my favourite art director and the best copywriter I could possibly wish for.

I would have never thought that I’ll find someone I enjoy working with so much. It’s ridiculous how much fun we have working together, it seems like endless laugher! But [finally] we also get stuff done, what more could I want?!
Really never thought I would find someone I love working & spending time with so much x

You have a moustache now. You think it makes your face look fat. But I know something you don’t know. I know that your new tache makes you who you really are. It doesn’t make your face look fat. In fact, it makes you look really indie! Long live the Ting Tings


You are the partner I wanted from the beginning. Our eyes met we talked and chemistry was there. We tried out others and I known for me it never worked out as easy as you. We hate everything each other likes. I still feel like you don’t do the best work with me. Still not sure how we work, but I’m glad we work together. You make me want to get better and better. Lets smash next week plz

The life of a single. Lonely, wandering around the plains, observing the wilderbeast from a distance. Maybe I will eat one.

I have found my soulmate. But she doesn’t speak english. She also shares a bed with the competition (Lauren)

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