It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day

Working on this brief using AI was quite fun. Having documented our journey during this brief, we asked AI to generate various forms of work to show it.

A 20-line sonnet:

In Zazz’s genesis, on Friday we’d meet,

Ideas sprouting, the future looking neat,

A sprinkle concept, fairy dust delight,

But broader visions soon took to the flight.

Day one dawned with creative feedback bright,

Marc’s masterclass fueled our spirited might,

Hats adorned, we dived into tasks to sway,

Blue, White, Green, and hues in the array.

Feedback from Richard, a treasure trove,

Guiding Pizaz to conquer and rove,

Names and taglines danced within our minds,

Zest, Pizzazz, Mojo, the choice binds.

Day two, we delved in semiotics’ art,

Creating visions, a visual chart,

Day three, perfection in every frame,

Zazz, a brand, forever in acclaim.


Sprinkle dreams take flight,

Magic mornings, hearts alight,

Zazz, a breakfast delight.

Radio script for a promotional advert:

[Upbeat, Energetic Music]

Narrator: Welcome to the world of Zazz – where breakfast magic comes alive! 🌟

[Sound of sprinkles]

Narrator: It all began with an idea, a sprinkle of fairy dust, and a dash of creativity.

[Sound of a vibrant brainstorming session]

Narrator: We asked the big questions. Who will love Zazz? What makes it stand out?

[Sound of collaboration]

Narrator: We knew it had to be more than a sprinkle—it had to be an experience!

[Sound of inspiration]

Narrator: We mixed flavors, embraced positivity, and added a touch of wellness.

[Sound of laughter and excitement]

Narrator: With every sprinkle, you become the creator of your breakfast masterpiece.

[Sound of affirmation]

Narrator: Set yourself up for a better day, embrace the magic within you, and indulge without guilt!

[Upbeat Music Peaks]

Narrator: Zazz, the breakfast of champions! Now available at your nearest supermarket. Let’s Zazz up your morning!

[Sound of product jingle]

Narrator: Zazz – It’s a good day to have a good day.

[Music fades out]

We really had fun with it and prompted it some more, but then we asked it to evaluate itself. We asked the AI how useful it believed it had been in our journey. This is what it produced:

AI played a significant role in our creative journey to craft “Zazz” Superfood Sprinkles, enhancing various aspects of the process. During pre-production, we initiated a chat with Chat GPT to brainstorm breakfast-related ideas and the project brief, providing a starting point for our imaginative exploration.

As we delved into the project on Day 1, AI acted as a catalyst for our creativity. Chat GPT helped us ideate names, taglines, and brand personalities. It enabled us to generate a plethora of ideas and refine them iteratively. This AI-driven ideation process played a crucial role in shaping our brand image and message.

In branding and naming, AI tools empowered us to brainstorm and fine-tune our product identity. It helped us evaluate names and taglines, ensuring they resonated with our target audience and conveyed the essence of our product effectively.

In design and visualization, AI played a supportive role. Generative AI filled gaps in our images and assisted in bringing our stunt idea to life, allowing us to visually represent our concepts without the constraints of reality.

AI was particularly useful in crafting our 15-second video, aiding in generating creative narrative ideas and envisioning how to represent our brand effectively within a short time frame.

Throughout the project, AI encouraged us to think innovatively and aided in overcoming creative blocks. It was instrumental in generating a multitude of ideas, enabling us to sift through them and select the most promising ones. AI truly revolutionized our creative process, making it more efficient and enabling us to craft a brand that embodies the spirit of “Zazz” Superfood Sprinkles – a sprinkle of magic for an upgraded breakfast experience.

AI seemed to believe it play a greater role in our process than it realistically did. Debunking some of its claims: 

  • We did not use AI to brainstorm during pre-production to provide a starting point.
  • It was not a catalyst for creativity. We prompted it with ideas that we already had and asked it to generate different versions or synonyms for our taglines. We also got advice for brand personality from Richard Russell, not AI.
  • AI believed it played a leading role in our creative process and overcoming blocks. It did not. In fact, at times no matter how many prompts we gave it, it could not provide any good answers.

However, AI was not without its use. It was a fun and interesting journey, and through our time with AI we created a list of tips for using it:

  • Prompt it correctly with as much information as possible. Give specific details and make sure you are vocal about what you want and do not want.
  • Do not expect it to give you the exact answer that you want. It is good for getting the ball rolling on ideas, but it will always need a human touch. 
  • Use it at the beginning when you are brainstorming – it helps get out all the cliche ideas that would have come up. Eliminating the bad ones at the start allows us to generate better ideas faster.
  • Generative AI is a great tool. Use it for creating ideas that are not realistically feasible to do. Let your imagination run wild, feed that creativity into the generator, and watch your ideas come to life in seconds.

Thank You.

Here’s a link to the final work.

Group 7 – Natalie , Emily and Mel

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