190810 SCAB – By @SharonN48301378

By Sharon Ng


190810 SCAB


This is a piece of mass communication, be careful of what you write, check your grammar and spelling, remember to proofread this before sending this out. 


What am I supposed to write? It is expected of me to talk about how my assignments and adobe software learning are going. The thing is… I haven’t been doing much of that this week as I’ve been meeting my friends, thinking about the future of my home city by reading books on politics and social issues. I’ve got a calendar notification that I need to submit my first SCAB on 8/8. What should I do? Right… Let me write about what I picked up from other classmates’ SCAB and do some reflection then. 


I came across a blog which digs into the topic of passion as part of the ‘This is me’ assignment, which I, too, have been giving a lot of thought into what I should do with it. This led me to look back at my experience with the word ‘passion’. 


Deciding which uni course to study- back then, I believed my passion is psychology. My curiosity in cross-cultural psychology motivated me to pick to study this subject as a major. My personal statement opens with the question why I observed more frequent phone using behaviour in Hong Kong than in UK. I also added in quotes from Aristotle and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat to show why I can stick with the subject for three years.


In uni, I thought damn hard about what my passion is and pushed myself to find a career that matches it. I was quite a cheapskate back then, I could not bear the idea of using some cash to get exposure in different things, and let one of those I truly enjoy to become a real passion. What i did was forcing some passions on myself: I sat in front of my laptop, utilised Google and YouTube fully to romanticise certain careers and decided that those will be my passion. Ha!


In the 4 months of hard core job hunting, this was my mindset: as long as you can find a way to answer ‘why market research is your passion’, you are good to move on. There’s no need to spend more time on thinking about this word as it is not an effective use of your time, go work on your next application if you have the time to do that.


At my 9-5 job: My dear girl, you are in London now. There are so many things you could do, and you won’t know which one will end up to be your passion. Try, don’t overthink, the stress is not necessary, you have loads of time to try.Get going!  


My attitude to this word changes over time as my knowledge on the world and myself grows. 


To you readers of this blog, thank you for reading my first SCAB and have a nice day.

To my future schoolmates,  mentors, teachers and staff, looking forward in meeting you all in September! 😀 

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