Professional Loneliness by @EytanDGSmith

Eytan Smith






By Eytan Smith


I am the first Creative at MOSH to try working as a single for a portfolio brief.


I told my mum this and she was filled with concern, confusion and questions. In her distinctive style of support, she told me things I probably needed to hear. A nugget of knowledge she forced on me was that isolation has always been my Kryptonite and community is very much my spinach.

My mother is of course right, but maybe not in the way she thought. Over the course of this week I discovered how strong and helpful my community is; more than any partnership can be on their own. Fellow Moshers kept me on my toes with their divergence, talent and provocation of my fiercely competitive spirit. Mentors opened their minds and emptied their invaluable ideas into my brief’s mixing pot to create something that I hoped would prove to be delicious, (but then I showed it to Marc and he practically spat it out). Honor and Hannah soothed my stress, bolstered my resolve and most importantly laughed both with me and at me.

As with one’s senses, when one support is removed, others rise to bear the weight. Just as the community around me have risen up to share with me their minds and hands, I believe I too have risen to the challenge. I have written more SMPs this week than all the others put together. I have spent more hours on Adobe and Adobe tutorials this week than all the others put together. I have spent more hours at home working this week than all the others put together. I have read more in a week than all the other weeks (not put together, but that’s still achievement I reckon).

I may not be a lone wolf, but I now know I haven’t been working as hard as I can and I know how much I want to prove myself in the pack. I would recommend going alone to others: you really do realise how far you can push yourself and how valuable your partner is in the process.


So let it be known: whoever is looking for a creatively flexible partner who will work really hard and will value all their contributions: I am single.

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