2 Letters, by @DouniaSB

Dounia Sitayeb

By Dounia Sitayeb


2 Letters


I didn’t know what to write for my first scab. Should I write something about me, about the others, about what surrounds me or something I’ve learned recently?

But I guess this is the whole point of doing a scab – as well as a lot of other things we do at SCA.

Indeed, SCA is not an Advertising School, neither a Portfolio or a Creative Problem Solving one.

SCA is the school that makes you do.

DO. That’s the word. A tiny word. A main and auxiliary verb. One of the most basic and used verb in the English language. But what a word. 

This is the magic one. The one that brings you out of your comfort zone, the one that solves, the one that makes stuff happens, the one with which you stand for something, the one that moves billions of people everyday, also the one at the origin of this scab.

Forget how many hours you slept last night, how you’re feeling today, how many bad news you heard, how many headaches you had or how many months rent you’re late. Forget about it. Forget about them. Forget about yourself, and just let it go.

It will be bad, it will be shit, it will be off topic, it will be boring, it will be too long, it will be done before, it will be expected, it will be ok, it will be average, it will be amazing, it will be decent, but at least it will be DONE. 

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