20 Things that still confuse me about British culture

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that the Dutch have some weird quirks about them… I know that. We’re not everybody’s cup of tea. 

But after integrating myself into British culture (or atleast trying to), I’m gonna be honest, you guys are fucking weird. 

Here are 20 things that still confuse me about the British (and yes this includes you, my friends!)

  • Two taps? What’s up with that? Why do you need two?
  • Ending almost every conversation with ‘right’.
  • Starting almost every conversation with ‘alright’ – took me a while to realise @Rob was asking me how I was doing…
  • Roads are pronounced completely differently than they are spelled. e.g:  Gloucester road  = Glost – uh – what?
  • Me being the clumsy person I am, have managed to smash at least three glasses since I’ve been here. The first time someone shouted “weheey” I was embarrassed… but by the third time I caught on that it’s apparently just a thing you guys shout? 
  • Yorkshire puddings. IT’S NOT EVEN PUDDING. 
  • Why are there no plugs in the bathroom???
  • The idea that a cup of tea is the solution to every problem… The amount of times I’ve heard “Pfff, I need a cup of tea” after something unfortunate happens. Meanwhile all I’ve been thinking  is “damn I need a drink”.
  • So apparently eggs don’t go in the fridge in the UK? I mean it’s quite logical when I think about it, but also please don’t judge me when I put mine in the fridge. 
  • Always talking about the weather when it’s cold and rainy. You’d almost believe it’s not like that 90% of the time… 
  • Pigs in a blanket. I always thought they were pastries filled with sausages. Then I found out that that’s just a sausage roll. 

  • Apologizing for everything, and then apologizing for apologizing so much. 
  • Obsession with J2O and Gogglebox and @Issie being absolutely shocked when I asked her what that was. 
  • Socket switches. I mean they’re very handy, but it also took me a while to get used to them. 
  • Washing machines in the kitchen? Even when there is the luxury of space elsewhere. 
  • Burning dummy’s on 5th of November. First time I saw this from a distance, I almost called the cops. 
  • Shorts on the first day the sun comes back out… like chill, it’s only 10º. 
  • “Oh go on then” anytime I offer anyone a biscuit. 
  • Sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches. So many options. So many flavours. So many types of bread. 
  • Ques anywhere and everywhere. 

And the list goes on… 

Until next time- 

Cheers thanks, bye (another weird one you guys do, just say bye!) 



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