Why does advertising doesn’t know how to sell itself? By @NicholasKugge

Nick Kugge

By Nick Kugge


Why does advertising doesn’t know how to sell itself?


Agencies often claim a distinctive identity, a different way of thinking. But recently, as we were looking at some agencies’ websites, we were struck by how they all look and sound similar. “Integrated ideas”, “disruptive strategies” and some other jargon field the pages. Websites are often the first place aspiring advertisers land on and they too often give a disappointing first impression. It’s maybe time for agencies to talk about what they do to the public.

A majority of people have a negative perception of advertising, and programs like Mad Men surely don’t help. Why can’t we show some of advertising’s greatest accomplishments? There are some incredible ideas out there making the world a better place. Tempering this “hostility” would also lead people to trust brands a bit more.

A lot of people fall into advertising by chance. Back in high school I do remember doctors, lawyers or even army recruiters coming at the career fairs. But even if we see hundreds of adverts each day I don’t remember seeing anyone making them. Agencies need to attract young talents before they head to other industries. And fund more places like SCA.


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