2020 a bit of a punch in the face – By @CameronTurnerL1

2020 a bit of a punch in the face

In October 2019 I started as a freshman at Sussex University studying Philosophy. 

A subject I soon realised I was not particularly passionate about. 

And so, began my short, sweet and unique university experience.

3 weeks later I transferred into Media, quickly followed by Sussex University Staff on strike I hit the gym every single day for the following 3 months – gaining 5kg of weight.

4 months later I had a Brocken eye-socket and then dropped out. 

I`ll come back to the eye-socket incident, but first let me get something off my chest about lifting weights. 

So, my friend told me that if I followed his routine of lifting heavy weights and eat a certain number of calories a day that I would gain muscle. 

Theory being more muscle = more food = more bulk = more strength. 

Now, I would describe my physique as having a traditional “English” look i.e. abit of the Ray Winston torso in the film `sexy beast ‘or at best ….Tyson Fury in shape. 

Anyway, I ate a lot, lifted a lot, stopped doing any kind of running, drank copious amounts of Guinness for its Iron rich nutritional value and drank protein shakes. 

In fact, I thought I was getting somewhere and after the gym I’d have a gander in the mirror and think “yeah I am the guy” 

But I was not the guy, the endorphins were lying. 

In fact, imagine Mike Tyson, now subtract the muscular torso, shoulders and body, except the “Neck” 

Oh by the way, they don’t tell you about the “Neck”. 

Let’s say you have a Jaw Line and you actually like your Jaw line and it’s a good Jaw Line …. nope …..say goodbye 

Welcome to the `Thumb Gang” ,head and shoulders, zero definition, gone, goodbye, forever.

Anyway, another reason of many – and I will come back to the eye-socket incident 

-not to lift weights again.

This year has been a little odd as Corona Virus has changed everyone’s life. 

But my year had already begun strange.

On New Year’s Eve I was at a party counting down to 2020.

A few drinks down and I was once again feeling like ‘The Guy”.

I had invited some “friends” to a party that a really close friend was hosting. 

However often different groups don’t mix, and I was oblivious to a fight that had broke out between the groups while having a cigarette. 

When I came back into the party a huge brawl was happening with flying bottles, yelling vases shattered etc. Not surprisingly my “invited” group of friends were kicked out by force. 

Now, in my current head space at this time, because of the gym and greatly aided by the drinks – I kind of visualised myself as an extremely muscular Viking, that was also highly trained in negotiations as well as general brokering of peace with a mission to unify separate clans in the pursuit of the greater peace. 

My girlfriend left and with that in mind, I also decided to leave.

Travelling to Ladbroke Grove to the next party – as I arrived, I was immediately grabbed by the 7 guys who had been kicked out.

Needless to say, they were not happy to see me, grabbed my bag and then start shouting at me because their pride was hurt. 

Going back to my state of mind and perceiving myself as a peaceful leader, I stood up to them and explained that actually we could all be friends and that I was just here to hang out with my girlfriend. 

They told me to basically “fuck off”. 

Now the Inner Voice, which I want to say is reasonable said, `you should probably just leave`, but the Viking Broker of Peace Cameron was there that night and he had to conclude this night with unity. 

At least that is what I thought – deciding to call one of them a prick was probably not the most peaceful comment and I was awarded with a punch in the face. 

Now interestingly a punch will not hurt that much if you see it coming, as your body and mind prepare with adrenaline. So, the first punch, hits me on the side of the chin and the Viking in me says `Is That All You`ve Got`. 

As it turns out, it wasn`t. 

He actually had a lot more and the next few punches completely knocked me out.

In fact, my next memory is waking up in an ambulance covered in blood an hour later asking my girlfriend how the other guy looked. 

Apparently, he looked fabulous.

Now if I’m going to be completely honest it was not an enjoyable experience, but it was humbling and eye opening. 

To begin with I dropped out of University the next day and started searching for something to be passionate about. 

I found it in the challenge of SCA. 

I also learnt some valuable life lessons such as nothing good ever happens after 3 AM. 

But if I can offer 2 lessons, I learnt they would be…

1. Lifting weights does not make you good at fighting.

2. Sometimes you need to get knocked out to find your passion.

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