3 hours of panic and a night of fun – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin


3 hours of panic and a night of fun


2 weekends ago I finally did my awaited comedy bit on stage In front of a bunch of people who may or may not know who I am. Safe to say the hours before the show I was a nervous wreck, I’ve told a few of my family and friends that i’ll be doing this so I feel have the expectation that I’m semi competent at this. I spent a good while cuddling with my mom while she pats my head and tries to give me some vague form of encouragement, which now looking back may have been thinly veiled threats not to drink knowing her.


“Yame make sure not to drink and mess it all up”


“Thanks mummy.”


Good old mum I guess. Amazingly I did not drown my jitters in the sauce. This may come as a shock to some after hearing my routine. Yes I did in fact say all that sober, I do not need alcohol to make a fool of myself, I can do that perfectly on my own, just ask my father.


It was nice going to the club to see all the other nervous messes from my class trying not lose it, some were in the corner writing up new lines, others where half way into a pint and some just doing a nervous jig, it was an odd sight but there was a sense of camaraderie between us, I know at least we’ll all laugh at each others jokes no matter what.


It’s strange being at an actually comedy club, I’ve only ever seen them on TV! So the backyard club was my first time being at one let alone performing at one. I can remember the stage light be super blinding that day, which is great because it’s a little less daunting to perform since I could barely see the first row of the audience. I don’t remember much in the first hour before the show since i was mainly downing non alcoholic ginger beers to calm my anxiousness but once things started a lot of the nervous energy was lifted. It great to finally see everyone’s comedy routine especially my partner Tarun since I’ve been hearing so much about it. I enjoyed everyone’s bit, from hearing Charles jolly nervous laughter, to Dan’s deadpan look as he describes how he enjoys shoving thing up his butt and listening to Mary’s awkward stories. It nice to everyone’s hard work come in fruition, it not easy doing 9 to 9 every week but that night made it worth it.


Getting on the stage was surreal, I get nervous just talking in the pit so that was much worse. I had to keep telling myself backstage to slow down and let them laugh as I could feel I was going to rush my routine, but as soon as I got my first laugh I started to feel a lot more comfortable and the jokes seem to flow out easier. I heard that my routine was filthy and wished I’ve seen Marc face during the routine as I heard it was priceless but seeing Max’s reaction did make up for it. After the show we spent the rest of the night chilling and drink to the night away.


Comedy night was an amazing experience and I would love to another night in the distant future.


The copy scores 70.8 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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