How to Deal With Copywriter’s Guilt, by @AshJBibby







By Ashley Bibby



Ah the copywriters Sunday….

Normally such a peaceful time, as we lay back on the sofa watching storage wars and the millionth repeat of Friends, waiting for our artists to send over the final “all clear”.

I mean sure, there’s the odd script edit or additional line needed now and then, but in general our work is long since done. So it raises the question, what is the best use of our time, and what can we do to alleviate the dreaded copywriter’s guilt?

Thankfully, we have a plethora of other work to be getting on with at the moment, and with D&AD around the corner plus all the other projects and awards on the go, there isn’t as much time for 90’s re runs as we might hope.

But still, these are things our art directors have to deal with too, along with all the case study videos and poster projects. So what is really the best use of our time?

I guess it’s just about being helpful and picking up the slack where we can, even on the smaller projects. Such as writing their SCABS for them.

Besides, it’s more than possible to write this on the sofa with Friends on in the background anyway.


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