Reflection about professional orientation

The French education system encourages students during their first years of school to follow common and general courses such as mathematics, history, science, geography and many others. These teachings are, to my taste, essential to have a basic knowledge of various subjects. It is important to open up to the world despite difficulties in following some of them. However, this educational system has never or rarely urged us to choose the path we want to follow for our future. This moment only arrives after obtaining the baccalaureate at the end of high school. We also note a considerable number of reorientation, stopping of studies, frustrations with the chosen sector, academic failure or even disgust with the chosen course. With the objective of choosing my higher studies in the most straightforward way possible, I decided to go to a school of communication. This course was quite general, which allowed me not to find myself in a niche by specializing too quickly in an artistic sector.

Here I am now four years later with in addition to my continued frenzy for the creative and artistic sector a background in general communication. I feel proud and courageous to have made this choice for my last year of study. This year is for me like a liberation but above all a fulfillment of my strongest passion.

I know I’m here for a constructed and thought-out reason. I want to become an artistic director. I arrived in London with a desire to feed myself creatively, to understand and undertake innovative concepts to best exercise my future profession. So I arrived Tuesday morning at SCA full of positive energy and with a desire to discover what I was going to learn during this semester.

As soon as I arrived at the premises I was seduced by the atmosphere released by the school. The different colors of the buildings maintain a good mood at all times. The fairy lights in the conference room appease me and awaken my creativity. I literally understood that I was in my place when the first conference started. I understood that I was not in this school to stupidly learn basic theories or practices. I was there to learn who I was and to reveal my talents to their fullest. This school is there to ask me questions for which I am the only one to have the answer. This awakening to creativity particularly appealed to me. I then understood from the conference that the whole teaching was articulated in an original and professional way. Indeed, making sure to read the school rules is one thing, but doing it in a fun way is another.

I feel reassured in the practice used by the sca because we are in the real corporate conditions with a brief, teams, a timing and an imposed deadline. From this first week with small practical exercises I feel that the investment of each will allow us to learn a lot from each other. I love this adrenaline and this permanent desire to do well. I feel that passion carries me every day and I no longer see the time pass when I embark on each of the proposed projects.

Thank you to the sca for opening my eyes and my heart a little more each day to flourish in a professional world of creation.


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