Bakers gonna bake – By @manouchrtn

By  Manon Chrétien


Bakers gonna bake

Here we are at the end of the summer and this is my first SCAB. I must admit that I have an extraordinary ability to wait for the very last moment to start things. I guess it might be my « habit to change » this year, but for now, working in a hurry still stimulates and motivates me. So why change a winning team ?

Yet, it is important to specify that « late » doesn’t necessarily means « botched ». There are as many ways of working than there are creative minds. They are all different, complementary, and unique. Diversity is beautiful and that is what makes life worth living it. How dull would it be if we were all the same ? Having the same ideas, the same thoughts, the same political opinions, passions, skills ? We learn and grow thanks to differences between us. Debating opens our minds, discovering others enlarges our souls. Who wants to leave this planet without having learn a goddamn thing ? Definitely not me. 

So, after this « I’m not justifying myself but kind of» tiny prelude, I would like to write about one of my passions, I figured that is what SCABs are for : introducing ourselves to the tribe ! Today, let it be baking, because that is what I have been doing since 7 am this morning. Yep, I’m an early bird, but also a night owl – which does not really go well together but I’m definitely trying to find the right balance.

I’m actually quite new at this activity (baking, not being awake), I guess I have been doing it only for the last couple of years. I enjoy it because it combines creativity, bright colors, rigor, precision AND sugar. It suits my personality really well, besides I have always been a sweet-tooth – I even had to follow a diet when I was 2 because I was too chubby, but I digress.

I’m impressed and fascinated by the multitude of ways in which creativity can express itself, that is why I like constantly trying new things. I’m glad I did, otherwise I would have missed a new hobby. It’s important to stay curious, never to lose your will to experiment over the years, because you might end up doing something captivating that you’re good at.

My baking passion is not only for me (yes it makes me feel good, I get to eat cookies whenever I want and I’m the first one to lick the bowl), but it’s especially for people around me. Cakes make people happy. It reminds them of their childhood, the people they love, their family… There’s a warmth in a handmade cake that you will not find in a 2£ tasteless box you bought at the supermarket. Nowadays so many things are industrialized, depersonalized that I really believe you can caress people’s heart by giving them something that you’ve made yourself. You have spent time doing it, and in a world where everyone’s in a hurry, I believe it is really worth something.

So that’s it for my first passion. I could talk about it for hours but my macarons are starting to smell funny in the oven, I think I have to check on them. I look forward to meeting everyone, and I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to join the SCA until January with Sup de Pub. 

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