Death at a Factory Visit

While factory visits are extremely insightful and superb fun, some of them can lead to death and dismay. This factory visit disguised itself in the form of a horrific taste test. A taste test that led to the death of curiosity. 

It was one of those quintessentially Brixtonian winter mornings when my creative partner and I decided to test out Huel’s pre-mixed supermarket offering to help tackle the brief. The store-bought pre-mix was gently poured into a cup and swirled to mere perfection. Its aroma neatly attached itself to the atmosphere and a series of gulps followed. 

They were good gulps, great even. I loved the taste personally. It tasted like a liquid cake made for infants. I told myself a dietary change is here! Lunch is going to be a cakewalk, no four-hour Sunday meal preps, no reading of reviews of restaurants in Brixton, just me and my Huel in a park, on a sunny afternoon. 

Me time! Yeah! But mostly nay. Within minutes, I started serial sneezing, bloodshot eyes and my stomach was punching me from the inside. Still feeling nauseous, I rushed home, put on some Bruce Springsteen and tried extremely hard to distract myself. 

Nothing worked. Felt sick the whole day and decided to just live with the pain. When the pain left, I finally decided to eat and later found out that my partner too wasn’t spared by the poison baby ice cream.  

We later concluded that our bodies had an allergic reaction on account of Huel being way too healthy. And like a phoenix from the ashes, my curiosity has risen once again.  

I guess it’s just not for me, so I guess I’m sticking to pizza and beer for now. 

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