35 Students, 35 Lessons.

Agatha taught me to be effusive with praise. 

Aiste taught me it’s never too late in the game.

Andreas taught me to be generous with the little things.

Ben taught me it’s cool to be kind. 

Cam taught me to get back up. 

Camille taught me healthy disrespect for the rules.

Cat taught me you can always deliver. 

Charlie taught me to take myself seriously. 

Chip taught me to take nothing seriously. 

Clarissa taught me the importance of play. 

Duncan taught me to Do It Now. 

Ed taught me to take as many hugs as I can get.

Egan taught me the joy of being pure of heart.

Ellie taught me that you can nap, but not snooze.

Yem taught me that there’s always time for your hustle.

Liz taught me to pay better attention. 

Haillee taught me to be ready for anything. 

Holly taught me to get excited about my work.

Jess taught me to defeat my inhibitions. 

Kat taught me to be comfortable on the edge.

Khadija taught me to be unfazed. 

Klaudia taught me to strive for better than good.

Laura taught me to enjoy oneself relentlessly.

Louise taught me to say nice things behind people’s backs.

Lottie taught me to keep coming back. 

Magda taught me to reach out. 

Mosh taught me that life and work can grow together.

Nina taught me spontaneity. 

Obinna taught me to put feeling into every smile.

Odysseus taught me to take the piss. 

Sam taught me to laugh at my own expense. 

Sarah taught me that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Terry taught me the meaning of hard yards. 

Toni taught me to stand for something. 

Zuza taught me how to dance like no-ones watching, when everyone’s watching. 

And writing this SCAB has taught me that I’m teaching the world something whether I mean to or not, and to decide what I want that lesson to be. 

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