Back at home – By @DavidKorhonen4

By David Korhonen


Back at home


I recently moved from my pity youth hostel where I was for nearly five months (finally!) to a new apartment I share with Pierre and Luce.


Leaving this place is a real deliverance as I was sharing my tiny room with two other guy and cleanliness conditions were not right on the hostel. And besides feeling alone, the schedule and life hygiene really have tired me.


The relocation tho wasn’t an easy step. You probably saw me with my two full luggage moving from my hostel who decided to kick me earlier and in the middle of the day to my new apartment who decided to let us in a day later with no operational heater. This also means I had to leave my partner alone many times last week. Sorry, Dij.


But we also go our first day’s issues that you little creative didn’t anticipate. Because you didn’t do your research. Those bloody research. The “furnished” apartment didn’t have pillows or a blanket. No cutlery either. So it ends up with pizza and some fresh nights, but I somehow liked it. Probably the euphoria of moving in. 


Because, yeah a lot of new great thing about it. The first element is the room and space we have. It seems so insignificant, but we forget how much space is vital to live and work well. I’m so much more chill and productive. And I share all this space with Pierre and Luce. It’s great to have those friendly faces when you get back home and not just to be alone. Even though I need a lot of lonely time, I still can isolate myself when I need to without being by myself all the time. It’s also a way to discuss ideas outside of SCA. In a comfy sofa. Finally, being somewhere you can call home and having stuff that you “own” feels so reassuring. And it’s so much easier to think about projects. 


Speaking about it, this was the occasion to start new and fresh habits that will last for a long time (good ones, hopefully). My plan so far is to get back on a healthy diet and avoid eating sandwiches and other fast food every day, which I can do thanks to the new kitchen. Then I have to start doing sport again. It’s something that misses me from France, and that I couldn’t do in my small room (and also because it’s freezing outside). Lastly, I will start having a better sleep schedule or more like better sleep because my old roommates’ clocks drove me crazy, and they either went to bed really late or really early.


Good vibes are coming, and weeks ahead of D&AD the timing seems quite right. I am sure that improving this life’s hygiene will have a huge impact on the work here at SCA. Or at least will stop having a bad one.

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