40 days left – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski

40 days left


Just writing the title makes me feel weird. In 40 days SCA ends. A lot of things here were not planned. I was thinking of staying at Sup de Pub and doing a six-month internship in England and then going back to France. But no. I just loved this school. I’ve never had a year like it.

So to the future SCA students I wish you good luck. It is only through work hard and perseverance that we get what we want. It’s the Serbian way.

I couldn’t have predicted any of the events that have taken place this year and how everything led up until this moment. And now the end approached I’ve found myself creating a website with Joe Fraser, which I can assure you was not my plan when I first arrived in England. I had already started to create my own site to apply after my first semester at SCA. But when I compare what I had at the beginning of the year to now, I wonder how I could have ever had an internship in advertising, because my ability to create adverts was so poor compared to now.

40 days left and we’re still producing new campaigns. To be fair I know the end of the year is coming quickly to a closet but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way. I’m just never satisfied with my work. I always know we can do better. Thank god my partner can calm me and make me realise that we have to take time to be happy with what we have.

I just want to get a great placement.

I think everyone does.

But for me a great placement means to do work that I like. And I know now which kind of work I want to be doing. Not just a funny work, but something that can make you think. Change people’s mind. Because I believe that if a work can make you cry or laugh, it’s has to be so impactful that you will remember it in your daily life and maybe impact your life in some way as well.

And even selling bread is hard. Everything is hard to sell because you have to do something that no human being in the world has done before. How mad is that? Coming up with a revolutionary idea, just for a product. And we all know how human beings hate advertising, so the other challenge is to find a way to make them like it.

That’s the real challenge.

40 days left and I can literally compare it to the 40 last seconds of a run. So hard. You try to push your limit, you know the end is close, and you just keep looking forward for something new. To break through the pain barrier and feel euphoric. 

I don’t really like running but this feeling at the end of the run is the best ever.

And that’s what I’m chasing now.

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