82% UPLOADED, by @MarcellaTarable

Marcella Tarable






By Marcella Tarable


TIC TAC, TIC TAC ( – 8 hours )
I look at the window. It’s lighter than I thought. I turn around and touch Elin’s shoulder.
What time is it? Elin says.
My phone shows 8:45. It mustn’t be true. The alarm was set at 6. How come we haven’t heard it?
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (-7 hours)
Don’t worry Elin, we are fine. We’ll be finished by 1.
We run at school, no time for chatting around. We need to get this done. No time for the toilet. No time for eating. No time for new ideas. We need to work with what we have.
Yes, we’ll manage
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (3 hours to deadline)
I put 3 big table spoons of instant coffee in each cup and pour some hot water. This will do as lunch.
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (1 hour to deadline)
Adrenaline runs through my body. What a kick. We are speaking. I am making the video, sorting out the website and graphics. Elin is writing the copy and trying to cope with a mental italian who just had too much coffee and not enough sleep.
Marcella, calm down. You are freaking out. and you make me freak out. calm the fuck down – says Elin
Yes. Sorry. Sorry.
I want to shout. I am going mental but part of me really likes this weird feelings.
Are you gonna make it Marcella? Elin says
TIC TAC, TIC TAC ( -55 minutes)
YES – we f****g are. We have no choice
TIC TAC,  TIC TAC (-20 minutes )
Voice over done. twitter page done. Video rendered.
Quickly. Upload. Upload. 10%
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (-15 minutes)
Upload. 40%
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (-14 minutes)
Upload 50%
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (-13 minutes)
I look at the screen like if by doing that it would upload faster.
Upload 60%
Upload 65%
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (- 12 minutes)
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
TIC TAC, TIC TAC (-10 minutes)
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
It’s not working. It’s not working. It’s not uploading. It’s not uploading. help. help help. help. help help. help. I want to cry.
I jump, jump more. Call Elin trying to be quite and relaxed. It doesn’t really work.
Upload 82%
Upload 82%
help help help.
Ok. It’s uploading.
Come on, please please pleaseeee!
Email sent.
Deadline met.
By 2 minutes.
Now it’s time for a Mojito. Maybe 2.
Oh no, I have portfolio brief to speak about now.
Maybe 3 mojitos then.

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