A Healthy Disdain For Advertising, by @SJYeates


By Stephen Yeates

A healthy disdain for advertising

Four and a half weeks left. How did that happen? A summer of Arduino and code-based SCA prep feels like only yesterday. 

And yet here we are, the finish line in sight. And it’s a time where we all have to hold our nerve and shut out a world of infinite possibility as we look to craft books that represent who we are as individuals and teams. 

The one thing we’ve been doing personally is trying to inject more naughtiness into the work, but to do that I think you have to care less. And to care less I think there comes a point where you take in all you can from SCA, and then decide how you’re going to finish the year and who you’re going to be. You can’t solve all of advertising’s problems. Your book can’t be all things to all people. And you can’t try and master one single tone or style and expect that to be enough when real agency life comes knocking.

But one thing we have to do is break a few more rules. We’ve got some work that’d potentially run, and finally we’re injecting some work that definitely couldn’t. And that’s not because the thought isn’t right, but that the framing, and the executions are challenging how advertising, in that category or for that brand, currently behaves. But there’s a long way to go. So we have to keep pushing and maintain that irreverence for as long as we possibly can, and in the most positive sense, to give less of a shit. 

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