WHERE THE SCA MUGS ARE – By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea



Anyone coming to SCA next year will experience the joy of creating their own mug. I say joy, I think most people didn’t take it seriously. On the other hand, some people took it way too seriously.
Or maybe it was just me. I got really stressed, as we were told to make a mug that represented us and our creativity.
At the time, I didn’t know what we’d use the mug for, though the answer was probably pretty obvious even at the time. I.e.  just to drink from it.

Somehow, I didn’t think it was for anything so banal. But in the end, after seeing all the people around me just enjoy the task, even I was able to relax and go through with the task. I think I even ended up enjoying it.

Thing is, that is always how I have always been with artistic projects. I overthink every paintbrush, every line, every colour, instead of just enjoying myself, I become obsessed with the result.

This clashed with my general mantra in life, to enjoy the journey rather than worrying about the destination. I somehow have always managed to keep myself to that frame of mind, apart from when I make art.

All this nonsense was to explain how I ended up feeling quite attached to the mug. It was one of the few creations I was not embarrassed about, and I think it reflects me quite well.

Now, another secret from the SCA sanctum.

Mugs tend to disappear. Maybe it’s a sign of the Lord’s presence in the building, maybe it’s the mice and rats Max keeps warning us about. Whatever it is, mugs can and will disappear for weeks on end.

That would be incredibly annoying. However, they tend to suddenly reappear out of thin air.

Is it a miracle?! Maybe an indirect method the school uses to show us their approval or disapproval with our present performance?

Where do they go? And more importantly, where do they come from when they finally make their way back to us?

No-one will ever know.

But future SCAers, be warned. Don’t colour the inside of the mug, as the colour starts coming off. Even if you follow my advice and keep the insides clear, you do not escape a risk. This time however it relates more to unwanted disappearances. Your peers will soon realise the value of a simply decorated mug.

I will end this SCAB with an appeal. I am missing a brown mug. It has no monetary value (I think it was £1 from Wilkos), but sentimentally… also trivial. I just like it, alright!
So please, if you have caught sight of it somewhere, please give me a call.

Also, as Ruby reminds me, he has misplaced 2 Barista Brew KeepCups (a red and a blue one), as well as a more recognisable Pret a Manger one.

But if I am never to see my mug again, Godspeed!

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