Escaping London. By @mustoejames

By James Mustoe



Escaping London.

I’ve been in London 10 years or so now and I do love the place. There’s so many things to do, almost too many that when you do find yourself with a bit of free time it’s overwhelming deciding what to actually go and do. Sometimes ending up doing not much at all just wandering around one of the parks and watching everyone else bustle and busy around.

I remember when I first moved here with a couple of mates from back home, the sheer scale of London was daunting and at times felt endless. After a year or so of living here that soon changed and it started to feel more manageable, pocket-sized almost and at times cramped. When it starts to feel like this I know it’s time to getaway and escape, plus I was starting to feel like Matilda with the amount of reading I have done recently. 

Ireland was the destination and having recently purchased a 2 man tent, camping was the plan – plus saves a few bob. Its a place my parents took me when I was a kid and I had fond memories. Mainly my mum kissing the Blarney stone and her trousers ripping open infront of a mass of America tourists and also going on leprechaun tours?! returning disappointed after obviously not seeing one. 

So we hired a car drove to the first camp site and set up the unused fresh gleaming tent. The first day was baking hot, I thought we were abroad abroad almost forgetting we were in Ireland, got aload of sightseeing done around the coastal roads and can see why they are used for filming locations as it’s truly stunning! The amazing weather ended there and as the Irish say it was throwing cobblers’ knives! (cats and dogs alternative I’m told). Its a good job the people are so friendly and the pubs are so good, as this is where we spent the large majority of the following days. I didn’t even realise I liked whiskey!

When there were breaks in the weather we did little jaunts in the car (audiobooks came in handy here), though I was always surprised to come back and see the tent still standing tall and proud despite the repeated attack from the cobblers, also who knows if we put it up the correct way. The country is packed full of beauty and inspiration and I’m definitely going to try and go there more often. – (this is in no way associated with the tourism Ireland).

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