‘What we thought of the big diggedy dog’ @rorysitherland by Fat Penguin. @sca2_o

What we thought of the big diggedy dog Rory Sutherland

By Fat Penguin


Kyle: To see the passion and enthusiasm from somebody who has been working in the agency for a long time was really inspiring.


Jesse: Really made me think about the need to work on impacting behaviour more in my work, really interesting stuff.


Beth: I thought that was one of the best masterclasses we have ever had, so many nuggets of knowledge. The way he spoke about setting up and framing situations that focus on the positive and therefore affect people’s subjective to work in your favour. Also, the 10x innervation was a really interesting way of looking at future problems.


Sophie: I want his brain.   


Henry: When the pressure starts mounting it’s easy to forget there are other ways of looking at problems. Sutherland’s masterclass was a fantastic reminder to always challenge yourself to think differently.


Robyn: Rory reminded us that context is everything. If it’s fucked, nobody will want your product, no matter how brilliant it is.


Orla: What a G.


Daze: Hearing about behavioural science was a great epiphany that we should question economic assumptions more than we do. Also we can’t be afraid of getting fired for being inquisitive and counterintuitive.


Kenny: Rory was a breath of fresh air. What an honest, clever and fascinating man. The way he talks about human psychology makes understanding what people want sound effortless.  


Flav: Super insightful masterclass. Loved the economic assumptions bit, really fascinating.


Mary: He reinforced the importance of understanding who you’re talking to, and how people don’t always say what they think. Great masterclass.


Ludo: The king of insights, a great sense of humour too.


Mona: It’s so inspiring to see someone passionate. Rory reminded us that the same exact thing can be seen as sh*t or brilliant. To get real insights, we need to look at things in different ways.


Adeline: Absolute Don.


Mark & Malou: Unfortunately we had to go to a book crit, so we’re looking forward to listening to the recording of his talk, thanks Anam!


Ash: Human behaviour was the reason I wanted to get into this gig and he brilliantly reaffirmed that for me yesterday.  


Augustine: Legend. Made me want to order about 700 books on behavioural economics to nudge myself out of inertia.

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