You are everything. By Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


You are everything.

One thing I’m learning is that you are the accumulation of everything around you. You make it how you want it to be. You also have the ability to create an impact on every moment of your life wherever you are even if that’s just changing your perspective.
When the Swedish poets came in this week (who were so cool by the way), they gave us a really interesting technique which I really liked. It made me think how every thought you have can actually turn out to be a reflection of yourself. They ended up being pretty hilarious too. 
They gave us a list of words which we had to write down and describe using the first thing that came into our heads. At the end, we had to go back and change the first word to ‘I am’.
For example, 
(A skateboard) I am a small surfboard with wheels.
Ok. So sometimes it doesn’t always give you an exact or direct reflection of yourself, but it makes you think about the way you think and realise that your response is very unique to you.
Anyhow I thought I would do it again, this time using the random word generator and leave you to try and work out what I’m describing. 
I am a time of the day that can often be dreaded but can also be very productive.
I am an animal that lives quite blissfully floating along rivers, going with the flow, until winters come, ice covers the ponds and is rarely seen.
I am a force that bring two opposite things made of metal together. It is hard to disconnect without someone intervening.
I am similar to a subject without stating what the subject is. 
I am made up of small red water bombs that are really good with cake.
I am a strong material often with a sad story behind it. Not matter how beautifully something is carved out of it, it will never be as beautiful as it is on the animal. A disgusting trade.
I am when you are starving. When all you want is a Sunday roast. 
I am a moment of hope. Whether that be a visual indication through a reflection of light
I am a wooden wall around your garden, also cheaper than bricks.
I am an age that I want to be retired by. 
I am a part of a building that helps bring the outdoors to homes with no garden. They can be either be a really nice feature or relatively unnecessary. 
I am a vehicle that help get people from A to B in a more luxurious way.
I am a type of stone that a lot of people wear around their wrists.
I am a part of the world where there is no sea. No one person has seen everything.
I am the best way in which to live life. Having a pure opinion and living by truth. Mark Twain once said ‘ If you always speak the truth, you never have to remember anything’.
I am is a large piece of machinery that is incredibly destructive and has the ability to completely change a place.

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