A new venture. – By @RichSamson6

A new venture. 

Many of us seek new, fun and interesting ventures to discover countries, people,  cultures and more especially ourselves.  

Every single one of these ventures are simply steps, steps that follow us around.  When you add them all up throughout your life and look back, you generally remember  the first moments and the last ones, but what about the middle ones ?    

These will be mostly moments where you had a huge amount of fun !  

Before every new venture we all go through different phases and emotions : euphoria,  fear, worry, sometimes panic; we question ourselves whether we are making the right  decision. We are impatient but most of all excited.  

Last time I found myself in this similar situation was three years ago arriving in Bordeaux,  to start my studies in Sup de Pub.  

A whole new world was opening up to me: a new town, new people and probably a lot  of fun to be had and discovering to do.  

Leaving (your old) home isn’t an easy step to take, but once it’s done there is no going  back.  

Throughout my first three years of studying, mixed in with work placements across  France (Paris, Bordeaux, Pau), I’ve been able to learn a little more about myself and  about different environments (different cities etc.).  

I have realised that new challenges and leaving my comfort zone is something that I am  actively seeking.  

Coming to London and stepping away from Bordeaux and Paris is to put myself in a  position where I have to be open to meeting all kinds of different people, finding an  inner peace with myself and being able to start again from scratch.  

I’m impatient to see what my next steps will look like, where they’ll be, with whom and  in what context. But for now I just can’t wait to start on October the 6th 2020. 

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