It’s a wonderful life – By @NihalTharoor

Nihal Tharoor-Menon

By Nihal Tharoor-Menon


It’s a wonderful life


We are approaching the eye of the storm with D&AD. Shits about to get real.


I tend to get self-centred when under a lot of pressure. So here’s a thought that helps inspire and humble me, and shrink the weight of my problems.


Perhaps you feel the same.



Human beings have been around for at least 100,000 years.


That’s a whole lotta lives.


I happened to have mine in the 100 years that has seen unimaginable advances in the standard of living.


I also happened to have mine in a peaceful and prosperous pocket of the world.


I also happened to have a loving family and a great education.


And now, I’m at the world’s best school in the world’s best city for my dream job.


As long as I stay focused an exciting, challenging and rewarding career awaits.


I don’t believe in fate. I don’t deserve this fortune more or less than any other human being.


But I have been given it. And I’d be a fool not to seize each and every day.



<deep breath>



…So, let’s get a bloody pencil.

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