Decisions Desisions Desicions – By @LaskarisPhillip

By Phillip Laskaris


Decisions Desisions Desicions


Having confidence in a decision you’ve made is often quite rare. We all know the stress that comes with picking out a dish at a restaurant. The last thing any of us wants is for the dish you ordered to come, and it looks great, you think to yourself “Wow, I freaking nailed this.” Then Karen, next to you, gets her dish and it’s the most glorious arrangement of food you’ve ever witnessed. Now your dish looks like something the chef put together blindfolded and Karen’s dish looks like her magnum opus. The rest of the meal you’re eating your dish but thinking of Karen’s like a bored wife during love making. You’ve also made a note to never eat out with Karen again. 

I do have confidence in a few of the decisions I’ve made in my short life. Incorporating more turtlenecks into my wardrobe. Switching from regular head and shoulders, to head and shoulders with apple. And I was confident I made the right decision when I asked Sadi Kupermann out in 6th grade. I was also confident she made the right decision saying no. Over the last week I’ve decided I’m confident in one more decision I made; the decision to quit my job, leave New York, move to London, and attend SCA. (That was a series of decisions, but we’ll lump them all together for the sake of this post.) It was perhaps the biggest decision I’ve made since deciding where to attend college or whether Sadi Kupermann would appreciate me getting her flowers after she rejected me. (I decided to attend Purchase College and I didn’t get her flowers; I feel good about both of those.) The last 4 weeks have been a whirlwind, but one I am comfortably being thrown around in. Like a sock on tumble dry, it’s had its ups and downs, but I know it’ll all be for the best. 

“Why am I so confident?” I hear me asking myself. I can boil that all down to people. The people I have met in my time here have done nothing but reassure me that this is the right place to be. My fellow classmates never cease to push further and improve. They are my inspiration every day to stop watching football and instead work on that idea for another few minutes or try and design a SCAB logo. Mostly because I think “if those idiots can do it, surely I can.” Then come the mentors. These guys and gals are relentless in their help, for better and worse. I never think I’ve made perfect work, but they make sure that I know I definitely haven’t never made perfect work and I definitely never will. BUT with time and practice I may one day make great work. They, like my students, push me to stop playing Mario Kart and instead work on some creative techniques. Also, because I see the success they’ve had and think “if those idiots can do it, surely I can.” 

I thank these people and my flat mates, especially Josh who is live spell checking this for me, to ensure that I’ve made one of the best decisions in my life. Here’s to hoping all you idiots don’t make me regret writing this. 

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