Vuoto – By @sperfys


By Federica Martini


It’s 6 o clock in the morning of a normal September day and miss Patty is already awake trying to get rid of a big problem of hers.
Everything started many years ago when her elder child Rupert decided to start a really intense school. She was happy at the beginning because he’s the only one in her family who is really dedicated to his career. A career that could help many lives, but at the same time, could ruin his own.

Rupert was pretty satisfied of the goals he gained, even if it costs him a lot of sacrifices. In fact he lost a lot friends, his girlfriend decided to split up and he started realizing that he will never have children. He doesn’t have time to! Every week new challenges make him struggle, this time he had to work hard with his team of professionals to find a right name to give to their company, a lot of names and words and acronyms started floating in his mind, but none of them was the right one. It is really hard to compress a big identity in a single or just a couple of words. But that’s not all, because he had to redesign the studio, trying to stay inside a defined budget of 1200£, and in the mean time a TV producer was waiting for him to be told some amazing ideas for two different formats that are going to go on air soon.

“This is too much!” He thought while he was in the shower after a really stressful day, “it would be easier to go to another planet and try to save the human race!” He added.


This is definitely not an easy problem to solve, but he knows that a problem well stated is a problem half solved, so he tried to ask himself who to help, why should they need his help, when is worth it to give help to people and where he’s most needed.
It’s a common fact that best things people have done on the planet earth have been invented under the shower. So after 30 steaming minutes he was, clean for sure, and well aware of where his future was going to be.
“I WANT TO GO TO MARS!! There is water up there, I’m pretty sure even if NASA hasn’t announced it yet”
He quit his job straight away to reach the first NASA office nearby, Rupert has got a lot of resources they will hire him for sure! In fact…they did!
His mom started shaking when he told her about his choice.
“HOW COULD YOU??? You must have lost your brain Rupert!! It’s a nightmare there…how could you survive??? YOU ARE JUST A POTATO!!” She screamed, running around the house, crying and trying to stop him, everything was useless she wasn’t listening, she freaked out and she had a heart attack.

If she only had known that potatoes are the only vegetables that can grow on other planets.

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