New beginnings / New tackles 

I’m here, tackling my very first “scab,” as they (now we affectionately call it at the School of Communication Arts. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding it since day one. Words have never been my strong suit, and that’s something you’ll soon figure out about me. But you know what? This feels like a fresh start, and they say you can always give something new a shot.

Right now, I’m lounging by my window, taking in the breathtaking weather, and sipping on my coffee. As I gaze outside, I’m trying to imagine how SCA will be like a springboard for my personal and professional growth, shaping me into the person I’ve always dreamt of becoming by the time this journey reaches its destination.

I’m mentally sketching out the areas I’m going to dive into, thinking about all the aspects I’ll need to throw myself into to become not just a better individual but also a more skilled designer. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions—there’s that thrill of anticipation mixed with a touch of nervousness as I envision the adventure ahead. So, here I am, sitting back, feeling totally at ease, and mentally preparing myself for the incredible journey that’s unfolding before my eyes.

Sai Anukriti


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