A Reflection about Reflections by @ClarissaDale94

Clarissa Dale






By Clarissa Dale


When I first started SCA, I never really understood the purpose of reflections. It seemed so strange to me, that we had to talk about our weeks experiences in front of everyone, in pretty much two minuets or less.


At 5 o’clock on a friday we all stand beneath the big screen and say what we’ve learnt and how it’s impacted us. Some of us are weakest in front of a crowd and crumble slightly at the prospect of intimately sharing our thoughts on our week, however ugly or successful it may have been. I tend to keep my thoughts surface level, they don’t ever get too deep, that’s not really my style. Although, it’s fair to say I benefit the ones that do. It’s great my fellow Moshies feel trusting and close enough to share how they are truly feeling with a room of nearly forty.


People do all sorts for their reflections. From the completely ridiculous to the honest and respectful, everyone’s got something to say, and recently I’ve realised how valuable it is to take time out of a busy week to listen to each other, when we wouldn’t usually do otherwise. I eagerly anticipate 5:05 reflections – I laugh a lot, and it still delights me how quick witted and entertaining the Class of SCA’15 really are. Marc once said ‘we are all teachers to each other’, and I wholly agree with him. I reckon I learn just as much from the people I study with compared with our mentors. Each of us are mavens with something or other, and that’s what makes everyday so unpredictable and exciting.


We are tested every day, sometimes intellectually and often emotionally. SCA is an advertising portfolio school, but what it teaches you is how to deal with real problems and situations in a more creative way.  I don’t know many courses that can do that. Admitting to myself, but also to my peers that I’ve struggled and failed at something is hard to do, but it will certainly help me accept my weaknesses, but it will also push me to work harder to prove to myself that I can overcome a challenge. That’s what makes our school so unique.

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