Get the beers in! – By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Get the beers in!

Over the last few days, each of us has worked together to bring character to the school and transform it from the packed up left overs of previous intakes into the minty fresh haven it is now. Literally, there is a lot of mint green.

This break from serious work was much needed for all of us I feel.

Since starting back in September, we have been working against each other. Competing to win, or to show how good we are in preparation for creative partner mating season. Whether that be in groups or pairs.

Building our agency not only makes the place feel like our own, it gives us time to work together as a whole group on one common goal. Each of us put something in and helped out each other to achieve what is a huge transformation. I think I’m right in saying we all stepped back today feeling extremely pleased with the result.

Not a single wall or old cupboard has escaped a fresh lick of paint. Our aim was to make the studio a second home. More sofas and furniture have been acquired, taking the sofa count to around the 100 mark. Graffiti, ping pong, new flooring, new doors, a fake shower room, a diary room/meditation room, it’s incredible how far the budget of one and a half grand has been stretched. 

A big thanks to the winning team for the ‘design your studio’ brief, who did a fantastic job at organising the group.

So now, after getting the beers in and celebrating the new place, it’s time to get our heads back in the game. Back to competing. Back to being frenemies (friend enemies).

If you’re ever wandering the streets of Brixton, come on in, and make yourself at home here at Coup.


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