One sentence of advice you would give to someone coming to an interview day at SCA – By John intake 2018/19

Adeline: Don’t waste our time.

Alysha Don’t overthink it but don’t underthink it either. Be prepared and have things to say and a great concept for your presentation, but don’t try to be somebody you’re not (ie try to be funny when you aren’t funny) because it just comes off as forced. Make sure you answer the question you are being asked without too much waffling or diversion ie. don’t write 3 sentences when you are only asked to write one.

Andrea: Don’t overthink it, stay true to yourself.

Christopher: Don’t wave sex toys in people faces.

Clara: I can’t really answer the question since I didn’t do the interview, but I suppose you should be yourself, show what you are capable of and what are your motivations.

Dan: Stay dry.

Gauthier: Get rid of your inner fear.

Joe: Don’t tell people you’re creative, show it. Get our attention quickly. Oh, and bribe us. (Meg: We accept beer, gin, and wine)

Jonothan: Don’t do something that’s just ‘different’, do something different because you are.

Jem: Whatever you’re doing just think about the fact that everyone wants to see you succeed, we are on your side.

Manon: Stay humble, be kind and don’t try to overdo it. 

Marion: Don’t limit what you want to present, do what your instinct says to you.

Martin: Win a pencil and you don’t have to do an interview day. Just kidding, but there are different ways to get your foot into SCA. Sorry, can’t give any advice, didn’t do an interview day.

Twyla: Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Becky: Be yourself. Such a cliche but it’s important to show your strengths alongside your quirks. 

Helena P: Use your weaknesses to your advantage.

Helena S: Do something you’re scared at the thought of doing.

Henry: Don’t be afraid of using unconventional tools of expression to help get your story across

Philly: Less technology is more. When stakes are high – don’t trust computers.

Phil: This has been said to death…but don’t come in as an ‘ad student’, come in as yourself.

Poppy: Ignore the word ‘presentation’ when you’re preparing to show us who you are.

Rita: Go all in. Do something you think they’ve never seen before.

James: Be yourself and nothing else.

Sara: Drink all the Schnapps offered to you.

Léa: Don’t be afraid to be boring when you speak about your personal life, it’s always interesting to listen to you draw a parallel of your professional and personal life.

Ben: here commenting on the comment above me. Please please please do not be boring, who wants to be boring? “We sell or we die” is the momentum you should take.

Nick: “Yes and”, again and again, and again.

Susan: Turn up as yourself. You can’t be anyone else once get into SCA anyway.

Petra: Don’t show a video, you’re here to pitch – a video can be sent by email.

Josh: It pays off being confident and outgoing but honestly it won’t do you any favors trying to be someone you’re not. 

Kim: Get used to killing your babies.

Holly: Don’t psyche yourself out of coming. I almost didn’t turn up because I was sure I wasn’t good enough. Even if you think your presentation isn’t polished, they’re just looking to see who you are.

Gnome: Make us want to listen.

Lucas: I didn’t make the interview day but I think you need to have a good self-confidence and show your passions to give us a heads-up of your talents.

Rachel: Go first so that you don’t psyche yourself out of what you’ve planned to then end up standing there freestyling a load of shite like I did.

And DON’T ask if we have any questions for you. I mean I’d be happy to ask, but apparently, most SCA people don’t like that.

Eva: Put effort in it. Show them that you thought about it and that you want to make the best work possible.

Eve: Do more.

Emma: Be humble and don’t oversell yourself.

Pietro: Beware of the dog.

Gary: Don’t think your talk is shit, believe in it and people will follow

Chirine: Believe in yourself and in your abilities.

Meg: I didn’t do interview day so have no idea how it feels… but I guess just be yourself – it’ll all come out in the end anyway 😉

Holly: Be playful and take everything in your stride.

Dune: Be prepared and just remember: “Whatever can happen will happen”.

Steve: Show us your hunger.

Zoe: don’t be a creep

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