A shrine to the creativity that I crave

chloe cordon

By Chloe Cordon  



We’ll put it in for a laugh


This is what I was told, only last week, about my favourite concept when presenting 8 routes for an OOH campaign for one of Britain’s biggest brands. A brand that has repeatedly pushed for creativity. But account handlers are still putting our most creative ideas at the back of the pile, presenting them with a school girl giggle as if afraid to take them seriously. Like a client might be offended by something other than the proposition in it’s simplest form, or anything outside the template we developed 18 months ago.

I’m tired of reading briefs that say “can we have one creative route, but don’t spend too long on this because I’m pretty sure they won’t buy it.” or “We have one colour, 5 words, and 3 stock images to play with. Go.”


So today I quit my job. My full time, paid job in advertising. Which I love.


I quit to accept an offer at the School of Communication Arts. A place where I can push myself. Where I won’t have stuffy suits sticking my work in at the back for a joke. A place where I can find an agency that isn’t afraid to be creative, where I can win some incredible awards and even better clients. Not just a school, but a shrine to the creativity I crave, where I can hone my skills, and grow into the best goddamn creative you’ve ever seen. And find a kick-ass partner to drag along with me. This is a fresh start, and I intend to make the very most of it.


Oh, and this fresh start? It’s in less than three weeks. And I’m still sat in the North wondering how on Earth I’m going to read 8 books, write two blogs, and create a four minute video on a passion project I’ve barely started before the first day. I think I might have left this all a little late.

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