A thought for each Super Bowl ad this year. @JONOTHANKH

By Jono Hunt 


Here are some of my thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl ads, as they are released. Oooh, a live blog!

Toyota, ‘One Team’


I feel like this ad was a well-filmed mediocre idea.



Wix, ‘Rhett & Link’


I love Rhett and Link. I wake up to their GMM show every day. This ad felt a bit like TV gentrification.



Toyota, ‘Good Odds’


Stunning cinematography… and beautiful idea too. An example of advertising for good.



Toyota, ‘Mobility Anthem’


A collage of good things… Not creative, but it gets the point across.



Sprint, ‘Evelyn’


Topical AI robots!? A ‘we’re the second best’ campaign!? No. Feels like lots of money spent on the ad I’d go and boil the kettle in.



Pepsi, ‘This is the Pepsi’


I can see this campaign going further. Excitingly further.


But this one was Nostalgia central. Not for me. Maybe for everyone else…



Bud Light, ‘Bud Knight’.


And here’s a campaign I’m starting feel jealous of.


It makes me want Bud Light. And it makes me happy. So win, win.



Coca-Cola, ‘The Wonder of Us’


I believe in using big money to do good things. Empowering people even if it is for a company I don’t think is ethical. Might as well use that money for good.

So while I think that’s a challenge with Coke, W&K did some good.



Kia, ‘Feel Something Again’


I watched it twice. And once more.


Because it looks amazing. And because it really simply gets the ‘Powered by youth’ message across.



Michelob Ultra, ‘I Like Beer’


The only good bit was the ‘DO NOT ATTEMPT’ message while a swimmer sang underwater.



Wendy’s ‘Iceberg’


They didn’t so much ‘beat up the enemy’, as they slightly ruffled it’s feathers.



Amazon Alexa ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’


I use Alexa and Google Assistant. My Google Home is funnier than Alexa. But this ad remind me that Amazon is catching up fast.


Really funny, well thought out, Bezos is funny anyway.


Made me chuckle a fair bit.



Squarespace, ‘Make It Happen’


Slightly bland… Squarespace’s YouTube presence is way more exciting!



Avocados From Mexico, ‘#GuacWorld’


So confused. Slightly amused.



Amazon Prime, ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’


It’s a trailer. I’ll watch the first episode.



Universal Parks & Resorts, ‘Vacation Quarterback’


Peyton Manning is entertaining. Nothing else is.



Mountain Dew and Doritos, ‘Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice’


I love Morgan and Peter. And while this one does come down to the casting and cinematography, it’s a cool thought too.



Michelob Ultra, ‘The Perfect Fit’


I believe Ad Age didn’t like the fact that Much Ultra ‘milked it’, by only releasing a bit of the series. I’ll agree. Some story forming though…



M&Ms, ‘Human’


I don’t buy it. Not as fun as it’s been before.



Budweiser, ‘Stand by You’


‘Big money for good things’ doesn’t have to mean boring.



Groupon, ‘Who Wouldn’t’


Tiffany Haddish just repeats the clip of a rich local business-hater having a ball kicked at his soft radishes.



Lexus, ‘Long Live the King’


Exciting. I guess it lives up the hype. What’s the idea?



Pringles, ‘Wow’


This one hyped me up again. So, so funny.

I mean a new way to look at Pringles!? Yeeeeaaaas!

Febreze, ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’


I like the end when the logo is cut off at the bottom.



Stella Artois, ‘Taps’

Big money, GREAT things.


A really great idea. Lovely execution.


Any updates, and I’ll stick ‘em up, so watch this space!



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