Adam Ruins Everything: By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea


Adam Ruins Everything:

Today I am completely out of ideas for an interesting SCAB, so instead of fishing for ideas in my own brain, I’ve decided to review this show called ‘Adam Ruins Everything’.


I think everyone should check it out, as it reveals the truth behind certain traditions and beliefs that we follow mindlessly, often crossing over to reveal the role played by advertising/marketing on society.


Here is a list of my favourite episodes/those I can remember.


1.1, Adam Ruins Giving.

One of our mentors mentioned this earlier in the year. Apparently, expensive engagement rings are only a recent invention, made popular by a De Beers’ marketing campaign.
It also talks about how gift-giving is a huge waste of money and time… i.e. most people are disappointed by presents, so why bother.


2.12, Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories

I like this one mostly because it debunks the whole idea that the moon landing was faked. As I have seen a number of TV programmes discussing this possibility, it was interesting to find out that ‘apparently’ it would have been harder to fake the lighting on a set than actually going to the moon. If you believe anything anyone tells you anymore.


2.15, Adam Ruins Science.

Just to continue on the path of trusting no-one and nothing, in this episode we get told that you really can’t trust scientifically studies either. Possible flaws are apparently endless (sample, variables, mistakes) showing that anything run by a human being should be mistrusted. Fun!
The examples used are quite interesting, they even mention research behind power-poses.


3.2 Adam Ruins Weight Loss

‘Low-fat foods do not work, and we only believe they do because of bad science and even worse marketing’. That direct quote really says it all. The episode also dives into why calorie counting doesn’t work, as well as the extremely popular weight loss shows.


These are just four of the episodes… there are nearly 60, each one covering multiple subjects and each one eye-opening. However, remember that even here you shouldn’t trust 100% what Adam says. That’s why another one of its best episodes is actually:


Adam ruins itself.

In this segment Adam gets confronted with some mistakes he has made in past episodes. While it is quite disconcerting that even a show whose whole deal is revealing the truth gets things wrong, I enjoy the fact that they are not scared to admit it and attempt to correct themselves.

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