Adland Battle Royale

Caroline Hampstead keeps reminding us all work eventually goes out into the world as an orphan. 

Well, sometimes it also ends up on the internet in nine mysterious Google drive directories.

On behalf of Patrick Collister and Directory Magazine, we were given the fantastic opportunity to review work sent in by agencies and pick our favourite, with an accompanying “Our Thoughts” blurb.

One Google drive. Nine directory (Directory) folders. 16Gb. 150 entries. 

Ah, the faux power of being a D&AD judge…

Did someone say… Creativity Battle Royale

Did I hear a gasp of… Adland World Cup?

Game on.

Rules were simple: highest scoring two entries from each folder directory qualified for the last 16.

Then it was knockouts, baby.

(FWIW, directory (Directory) folder 9 was divvied between the other eight.)

Fun Fact: directory (Directory) folder 8 was the “Group of Death.”

Apologies for the lack of blow-by-blow commentary and witty repartee; WIPs, D&AD New Blood strategies, PB case study videos and live briefs hath truly pantsed me and stolen all my time. 

TL;DR: thinking like a D&AD case study judge biased all my decisions. (And I’m a sucker for the craft and shiny whistles/bells.)

Congrats to the eventual winner: Call of Duty: Vanguard “Zombies”—sieg hell.


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